Carpet Cleaning In Laurel

We offer great promotions every month for carpet cleaning in Laurel. Our carpet cleaning service will maintain that clean and pleasant appearance your house deserves. Extending the life and beauty of your carpets . We begin by spraying the carpet with a pre-spray that breaks down the dirt and soil in it. Like all good carpet cleaners, we also use an all natural spray that is hypo-allergenic.

After the spray is applied, a powerful suction combined with 180 degree water is used to get rid of the dirt thats wedged deep inside the carpet. Along with dust, it also gets rid of microscopic pollutants like mites and allergens, which are responsible for causing breathing problems and allergies.

The final stage of the cleaning is drying the carpet with turbo fans and raking the carpet fibers in order to restore the pile. In our effort to offer the best services for carpet cleaning in Laurel we only use the latest equipment, and the best technicians, making sure that no residue is left behind in the carpet and the job is accomplished to your satisfaction.

Residential Carpet Cleaning in Laurel

When it comes to the carpets in your house, we realize the need to keep the carpet looking cleaner for longer. Not everybody has the money to have their carpets cleaned every month. Thats why we make use of DuPont Teflon coating, which forms a protective shield around the fibers of the carpet. With Dupont coating, dust and dirt are grounded less by the carpet, and liquids are not absorbed so quickly either. The coating is undetectable and you will notice absolutely no change in the appearance of your carpet.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Laurel

Carpets in commercial spaces see a lot of heavy traffic. The chances of dust and dirt lodging themselves into the fibers of your carpet are higher. Therefore, commercial carpets require heavy duty and intense carpet cleaning. We are well equipped to handle this situation. By using powerful emulsifiers that target food grease and heavy foot traffic, odor eliminators and deodorizers that get rid of the musty smells, and carpet protectors that keep your carpet looking as good as new, we are able to protect your investment.

How Much Do You Charge for Cleaning?

At Maryland Carpet Cleaning Services we have a no hassle about price policy ,no bait and switch tactics in fact our pricing is on the right side of the page just click what service your interested in. Our rates are extremely competitive, and less than many of the large cleaning franchises. As an added bonus, we dont charge extra for any walk in closets or deodorizing

Is There a Charge for Moving the Furniture?

No, its all part of the service.

After you Cleaned Under the Furniture, What Happens Next?

All of the furniture which we have moved is returned to its usual place. We always place a small piece of plastic beneath any wooden or metal legs, and for a flat based piece of furniture (like a sofa) we place a piece of hard foam beneath it, so that the air can circulate and dry the carpet underneath.

Whats the Drying Time?

This depends on the type of carpet, but is usually between 2 and 6 hours. (Berber dries faster than other types).

Do You Offer Any Guarantees?

You bet. Our goal is to make you completely happy with the service we provide, so if there’s anything your not satisfied with, just let us now and we will be back to sort out the problem once and for all.

When you choose Maryland Carpet Cleaning Services , you’ll get a team of experts dedicated to giving you the most thorough carpet and upholstery cleaning possible – with NO HIDDEN CHARGES. Any pre-treating, spot removal, or special cleaning agents we may use are included in the initial quote, and not as an added charge.

So when you need carpet cleaning in Laurel, call410-979-2355 or book on-line.