Carpet Cleaning in Belair

Maryland Carpet Cleaning Services serves the Belair, Maryland residential and commercial community.

Our team will arrive on time pre-inspect and consult you on desired results. We clean carpets, furniture, tile and grout and pressure washing.

We use cleaning products that are green and Eco-friendly, they remove grease, sludge, slime & grime.  Combined with a powerful truck-mount machine that will get the most difficult stains and odors removed from your carpet.

Our Carpet Cleaning Procedure In Belair Includes:

  • Professionally trained technicians with 10 years or more of experience
  • Truck-mounted steam cleaning with emulsifier
  • Specialty spot treatment for coffee, gum, ink and other spots
  • Pretreatment of heavy traffic areas
  • Fabric softeners
  • Fresh scent deodorizer

If you need tile and grout cleaning in Belair we have a tool called the sx- 12 which provides a 180-degree heat and up to 1000 psi of pressure to blast away the most difficult build up and bring back the original look.

When you need your upholstery cleaning in Belair, we have the ideal tool for delicate fabrics . It mist the water while simultaneously vacuuming and has a clear see through window which allows you to see what is coming out of the fabric.

We recommend that homeowners in Belair follow a few steps.
to keep up the appearance of their carpets:

  • Have your carpets cleaned professionally at least once per year by Maryland Carpet Cleaning Services 410-979-2355
  • Vacuum carpets thoroughly at least once per week.
  • Use doormats & avoid wearing shoes on your carpet.
  • Protect the surface of your carpets with a protector.
  • Rotate furniture: Wear patterns takes place when traffic paths are unchanged.
  • Dry wet spots immediately to prevent watermarks. Blot with a dry, clean cloth & use a small fan.

Receive a 10% discount  for scheduling your next carpet cleaning in Belair . Book online or call 410-979-2355