Carpet Cleaning in Belair

Maryland Carpet Cleaning Services  serves the Belair, Maryland residential and commercial community.

We will arrive on time  pre-inspect and consult you on desired results. We clean carpets, furniture, tile and grout and  pressure washing.

We use cleaning products that are green and Eco-friendly,they remove grease , sludge, slime & grime.  Combined with a powerful truck-mount machine that will get the most difficult stains and odors removed  from your carpet cleaning in Belair.

Our Carpet Cleaning Procedure In Belair Includes:

  • Inspection: Our professional will arrive at your home or office and identify any problematic areas that require special care and attention, such as spots or stains.
  • Furniture moving:  Light furniture, such as coffee tables, couches, or sofas will be moved while large items, such as dressers or beds, are safely protected.
  • Industrial Vacuuming:  We will prepare your carpet using a high strength industrial vacuum cleaner, targeting deeply imbedded dust and allergens.
  • Pretreatment:  pretreatment includes the loosening of Stains, Spots, and soiled areas to remove deeply ingrained dirt.
  • Carpet Grooming:  Using a rotary carpet machine or a carpet groomer, this step ensures that any remaining dirt imbedded in the carpeting is loosened.
  • Rinsing and Extraction:  After dirt and stains have been agitated, our extraction process will remove them, including any allergens and dust mites, using green, organic, non-toxic solutions.
  • Deodorization:  Organic deodorizers are used to remove any remaining odors, leaving a fresh clean scent throughout your home.
  • Post-inspection: Once finished, we will review the cleaning with you to ensure your satisfaction.
  • Carpet Drying: Our high velocity air movers are used to make sure your carpets will be usable within hours, not days, like other cleaning methods.

If you need tile and grout cleaning in Belair we have a tool called the sx- 12  which provides a 180 degree heat and up to 1000 psi of pressure to blast away the most difficult build up and bring back the original look.

When you need your upholstery cleaning in Belair we have the ideal tool for delicate fabrics . It mist the water while simultaneously vacuuming and has a clear see through window which allows you to see what is coming out of the fabric.

Receive a 10% discount  for scheduling your next carpet cleaning in Belair . Book online or call 410-979-2355